The PWR Mobile Voice

• Create a video in exchange of $50 Store Credit!*
• We will reward the creator of the best video with a $150 Visa Gift Card!


Create a brief ad video showcasing your preferred features and introducing the products in a smooth manner. You're welcome to improvise and express your thoughts, or utilize the ideas provided below. Remember, the most imaginative video of the month will receive a $150 visa gift card as a prize!

Prompts for your videos

• "This product is a must for every travel"
• "A solution for your cluttered workspace"
• "Tech to stylish your room"
• "PWR Mobile solves this: …"
• "I bet you didn't know how wireless charging helps you to… "
• "Magsafe essentials for the new iPhone 14"
• "If you have Apple products you need this"
• "This is the perfect gadget for your desk setup"
• "Essentials I bought for my Phone that are MagSafe"


The following requirements must be met in order for your video to be valid.

• The video must be shooted in format 9:16 (portrait / vertical mode).
• Please use a recording device that is newer than 2019, such as an iPhone 11 or a comparable Android device.
• You must show your face in the video for moments (maybe the intro or outro)
• Video must be at least 30 seconds long.
• The filming location should have a clean and organized background. Suitable options include desks, kitchens, and car interiors.
• Video must be about PWR Flex, PWR Stand or Carmag.
• When shooting the video you must use and showcase all the devices that our products can charge! (airpods, phone, apple watch).
• Must be in English.
• Ensure that the audio quality is good, and be careful not to obstruct your microphone. You shouldn't add music to it.
• Let your imagination fly and be yourself!




Please upload your video to a Google Drive folder and share the link with the email address provided. Please ensure that you grant "Anyone with the link" access to the folder.


Here’s how you allow access to a Drive folder:

•Create a folder in Google Drive

•Add your video to the folder

•Then you’re going to click here:

•Next you’ll have to set it like this:
(also here’s where you’ll find the link of you folder so you can click ther eto copy it and share it with us).

Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to this matter!

We will be in touch with you shortly.

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